I Courted a Wee Girl

I courted a wee girl for many’s the long day,
And slighted all others who came in my way.
But now she’s rewarded me to the last day;
She’s gone to be wed to another.

The bride and bride’s party to church they did go.
The bride she rode foremost she put the best show
And I rode behind, my heart filled with woe
To see my love wed to another.

The bride and bride’s party, in church they did stand,
Gold rings on their fingers, a love hand in hand
The man that she’s wed to has houses and land—
He may have her since I could not gain her.

The last time I saw her she was all dressed in white;
The more I gazed on her she dazzled my sight,
So I tipped her my hat and bade her goodnight.
Here’s bad luck to all false-hearted lovers

So dig me a grave and dig it down deep,
And strew it all over with primrose so sweet.
And lay me down in it for no more for to weep,
For  love was the cause of my ruin.

What’s This?

Folk Songs You Never Sang in Grade School is one folk musician's effort to document, honor and share a collection of folk songs I love and my personal history with them through research, essays, and performance. Read the essays here and watch this site for future performances.

What’s New?

Tara McGovern and I, joined by uilleann piper Jon Cooper, have completed the album version of Folk Songs You Never Sang in Grade School. For a taste of the CD listen to "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme" and "I Ride an Old Paint" with "Midnight on the Water."


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