C’mon my Pink, tell me what you think;
You been too long makin’ up your mind.
You told more lies than the stars in the skys,
And your heart is no more mine.

There was a boy in this old town,
And he lived on cards and wine.
I dragged my razor ‘cross his throat,
And my baby paid the fine.

So hand me down my old valise
And all my dirty, old clothes.
And if my baby asks for me,
Tell her I stepped outdoors.

Yonder comes that old steamboat,
Oh, it’s 16 barges long.
And if the captain asks for me,
Tell him I just stepped on.

Get the word to my old pa,
Lord, I never meant him no harm.
And if my mama asks for me,
Tell her I’m dead and gone.

What’s This?

Folk Songs You Never Sang in Grade School is one folk musician's effort to document, honor and share a collection of folk songs I love and my personal history with them through research, essays, and performance. Read the essays here and watch this site for future performances.

What’s New?

Tara McGovern and I, joined by uilleann piper Jon Cooper, have completed the album version of Folk Songs You Never Sang in Grade School. For a taste of the CD listen to "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme" and "I Ride an Old Paint" with "Midnight on the Water."

I Ride an Old Paint/Midnight on the Water
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme